David Skolnick Talks About Stacy Keibler On BuzzFeed. What's next for Stacy Keibler? Buzzfeed asked Wrestling Perspective's David Skolnick. To read David's insightful comments just Click Here
RIP: Bill Kunkel (1950-2011). Our longtime friend, and Wrestling Perspective contributor, Bill Kunkel, passed away on Sunday, September 4. We will forever miss his wit, intellect and, most importantly, his friendship. To read a classic Bill Kunkel piece (one of his favorites) Click Here

The Tom Cole Interview: When Tom Cole worked for the World Wrestling Federation, he was sexually harrassed by some of the company's officials. Years later, he told his story in candid detail to Wrestling Perspective. Read It Here

The Jack Brisco Interview: On April 2, 1996, Jack Brisco spoke to the media about wrestling for the first time in more than a decade when he gave his first shoot interview ever to Wrestling Perspective. Read It Here

MORE FAKE WRESTLING Alleged Champions Add Another Fiasco to the Record. (November 6, 1898) The public, or three thousand members of it, was treated to another fiasco last night when the new Terrible Turk and Tom Jenkins met at Madison Square Garden for the championship of the world ...... Read More

Lou Daro tells the California State Legislature that Mark Kelly accepted bribe money for writing positive stories about the Daro’s wrestling shows. Kelly sues for libel …Read More
Can being a professional wrestler get you deported? Ask Yasuji Fujita...Read More
Al Haft tries some slight of hand (and bookeeping) to get around paying his fair share of taxes. Mike Rotunda isn't going after him, but the IRS is... Read More

Karl Gotch: Hooker ... Outsider: On July 28, 2007, one of the greatest hookers ever to don a pair of tights passed away. But don’t look for any mention in the media, for Karl Gotch died of natural causes and didn’t take anyone with him. Not that Karl Gotch wasn’t controversial in his own way ... Read More

Desert Island Wrestling Literature ... It seems as though everyone and his brother is publishing a tome on the pro game these days, whether as an analyst, participant, or just plain spectator. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In the not too distant past, serious books about the game or its stars were very few and very far in between... Read More
Ray Fabiani terminates a contract with Rudolph Fried and Maurice Fishman. The latter sue and win a judgement. Fabiani appeals claiming he was within his rights to terminate the contract...Read More
Jim Crockett Promotions sues the City of Charlotte. It's 1982, and JCP is unhappy with the City of Charlotte's noise ordiance. JCP plans to fix that with a gold old fashioned lawsuit...Read More

In Praise of Fake Wrestling In 1910? Yes, it's true. Read the comments of a newspaper columnist who actually like the "fake" stuff better than the "real" stuff almost a century ago. Read It Here

In 1908, William Fleming tried to swindle W. J. Springborn out of $10,000 through a fake wrestling match. While wrestling swindles often worked at the turn of the century, this time Fleming was dealing with a politician of some influence. What happens next is an entertaining cat and mouse tale about wrestling in the justice system... Read More

Tom Jenkins To Retire in 1905 Because Wrestling Is Fake ... No, seriously. Classic article from 1905 ... Read More

The NWA Consent Decree ... After several years of engaging in anti-competitive practices that included blackballing wrestlers and working as an illegal monopoly, the National Wrestling Alliance entered into a consent decree with United States in 1956 ... Read More

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