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Bill Apter gives his first ever in-depth shoot interview in Wrestling Perspective #105.

Legendary wrestling photographer Bill Apter has been ringside at thousands of matches during his 33-year career.

His name is among the most well-known in wrestling and for years, wrestling fans knew something exciting was about to occur if they saw Apter and his cameras taking shots at ringside

Apter has seen it all, but he usually lets his pictures do the talking for him.

Not anymore. In this rare interview , which appears in Wrestling Perspective #105, Apter discusses:

  • Breaking into the wrestling magazine business.
  • How Pro Wrestling Illustrated and its sister publications covered the wrestling industry.
  • How the publications became known as the "Apter Mags."
  • His thoughts on the transformation of the business during his 33 years in wrestling.

These topics and many others are addressed by Apter in Wrestling Perspective #105.

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Then read these excerpts below:

Apter on today's wrestling fans:
"I think a lot of the fans ruin it for a lot of the fans. I have written a hundred editorials on this. A lot of fans today ruin it for other people when they go wanting to ruin it and say, you know, 'people blew spots' and 'Oh, his work rate was this.' It's so bad that people can't just sit back and watch this noncritically and just enjoy it."

Apter on the famous bloody covers of the Seventies:
"The bloody covers sold very well, bloody covers and a little T&A. Of course, those were the large sellers. There were, as the years went on, a lot of distributors, because of the crackdown on violence, wouldn't take covers with blood on it. That's why, after many years, you'll see that a lot of the covers changed and didn't have blood on them any longer."

Apter on getting smart to the business:
"As soon as I first hit into the dressing rooms and saw guys talking with each other who were feuding with each other, etc., I got it right away, but - and they knew I got it, probably - but I never acknowledged it to them. They never acknowledged to me that they knew I was quote, unquote, smart, so it was just kind of a given thing."

Apter on the Ric Flair vs. Rick Steamboat matches:
"Flair/Steamboat, to me, no matter how many times I saw it, they were classic matches. They were like what wrestling matches were supposed to look like. They were really good, but today that stuff looks so tame when I watch that stuff on tape. Sometimes I wonder how people sat through one of those guys having the other one in an arm lock for six minutes. I don't think the fans today could put up with that."

Apter on Gordon Solie:
"Gordon Solie was one of the most professional and humorous people I have ever met in my life."

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What Else Will You Find In Issue #105?

Part I of the Phantom of the Ring's historical analysis of boxer-wrestler Primo Carnera.

This epic article is a ground-breaking piece of wrestling journalism that details Carnera's fascinating life.

If you never heard of Primo Carnera, his story will fascinate you. If you have heard of Carnera, you'll be amazed what the Phantom digs up in this landmark piece.

Issue #105 is too good to pass up.

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Wrestling Perspective #105
The Bill Apter Interview Part 1

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