Editors' Note: Okay, we're reprinting this article not because this match is being called a fake, it's not, but because it is just a ridiculously entertaining read. How much of it is fiction ... well, that's another story...

A Wrestling Match.

Originally Published In The Portsmouth Times, (Portsmouth, Ohio), April 5, 1859, Page 1.

The following very amusing match between two horse-traders, we clip form the Albany Knickerbocker. It beats the Morrissey and Heenan fight all to “smash:”

One of the greatest wrestling matches known to the history of this country came off at Ireland’s Corners some time since. The parties were Dr. Fraizer, of Troy, and Abram Herrington, of Watervliet. – The parties met at 9 A.M. for the purpose trading horses. They “talked horse” two hours, but could not trade, as each wished to “put a leak” into the other. At last, Herrington lost his tempter, and proposed to give up horse trading and go to wrestling for $20 a side – the winner to pay the drinks. The Doctor agreed to this, and put up the money without hesitating a moment. The stakes were held by Elias Ireland.

Round 1. This round was a side hold. It lasted 45 minutes, during which time Herrington got the Doctor four times against the shed, and once under a two-horse wagon. Toward the end of the round, The Doctor lost his wind and went down on a broken bottle, and a lot of bricks. Cheers for Herrington. Ten to five offered on Herrington – no takers. Bottle-holders gave parties something wet out of a bottle, and wiped their faces with a piece of oil-cloth.

Round 2. This was a “square hold flop.” It lasted one hour and ten minutes. The Doctor tripped Herrington and staggered him. Herrington made a spring and recovered his foothold. Cheers. The Doctor now braced back, lifted Herrington from the ground, and tried to fall in a mud-puddle with him. (Cries of “foul.”) Herrington touches the ground, and gives the Doctor a yank that lifted him out of his boots. The Doctor rallied, set his teeth and went in. Herrington, exhausted, went down, cutting his chin with a tin pan. [“First blood for Fraizer.”] [Cheers.] Twenty to five on the Doctor – no takers.

Round 3. This was a “back hold.” – The round commenced at 50 minutes past 12 and finished at 5 minutes past three. Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes – the longest on record. During the round they crossed the road 18 times, got into the cattle-yard 11 times, brought up against the pig-pen 27 times, and upset a wagon 4 times. The round finally ended in favor of Herrington, owing to the Doctor tripping his foot against a piece of scantling, and falling on Davis’s dog – killing him instantly.

The 3 rounds agreed upon having been gone through with, Herrington was declared the victor, amid the shouts of a multitude which amounted to near 200. Herrington “smiled” a “smile,” and asked Ireland for the stakes.

“Haven’t got them – all spent for drink an hour ago – in addition to which the barkeeper has a balance against you of $1 57 ½.”

This led to a fresh wrangle, the result of which was that Herrington has agreed to wrestle with Ireland and the barkeeper on Monday next for $50 a side.

As a post-script to all this, we would state that Davis intends to sue Frazier for killing his dog. He lays his damages at $30.


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