Bruin And Brawn: A Tough Tussle Between Bauer and a Wrestling Bear

Published in The Ohio Democrat, January 3, 1878, Page 4.

New York Associated Press Dispatch

New York, December 20. – A large crowd assembled at the French Theater last night to witness the wrestling match between Prof. Theobaud Bauer, the famous wrestler, and the wrestling bear Martin. The conditions were square hold, catch as catch can, for a wager of $250 and a purse subscribed by Wall street parties, best two in three fair back falls. The bear was recently pitted against Heygster, the Oak of the Rhine, weighing pounds, and Emil Regnier, a famous wrestler, but neither were able to conquer bruin.

The contest created great interest, and there were plenty who were eager to place their funds on the bear, while Bauer had plenty of supporters, who offered odds that he would win, and he himself was confident. The large crowd who had gathered in the theater were eager to witness the struggle, which, after choosing Fred Engelhart, editor of Frank Leslie’s Sporting Times, as referee, commenced at half past eight o’clock. The bear was muzzled and had mittens on its front paws. The animal made an attempt to throw Bauer, but acted on the defensive.

After several rough and tumble falls, Bauer got an advantage, and scored the first fall. Time. 15 minutes.

Regnier, the French wrestler, was then pitted against the bear, Leni, for a purse of $100. The animal is lighter by seventy-five pounds than Martin, but is far better trained, and afforded much amusement. Regnier won the first fall, the bear the second, and Regnier the third after a very desperate struggle lasting over half an hour.

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