Originally Published in the Brooklyn Eagle, October 27, 1879, Page 3.

Bauer and Muldoon. – “Out of their own mouths are they convicted” is the exclamation made after reading the recent exposures of professional rottenness which have made in the case of the Bauer and Muldoon quarrel. There cannon be the slightest doubt in the minds of any sporting man, after a perusal of the testimony published the case, that there has been scarcely been an honest wrestling match in the country for the past two or three years. It is the same old story, with every sport in the which professionals take part – except one and that is cricket – since pool selling was introduced in America. Pool rings govern the turf, the pedestrian course, the ball field, the rowing matches, billiard championships, wrestling encounters and every prominent sport in vogue except cricket. That game is still free from the curse.

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