Muldoon Receives a Hissing.

Originally Published In The Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada), March 26, 1884, Page 3.

The wrestling match which occurred Monday night, at the Mechanics’ Pavilion, San Francisco, between Whistler and Muldoon, so far as Muldoon was concerned, proved to be a hippodrome. Whistler was anxious to wrestle and forced the work, but Muldoon would not attempt to wrestle or expose himself to a fall. Whistler was cheered and Muldoon hissed by the crowd. The wrestle was declared a draw and the crowd dispersed with supreme disgust. Muldoon attempts to justify his conduct by saying that if he had attempted to throw Whistler, he would himself been thrown, admitting that Whistler is the better man on a square wrestle.


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