Bert Walker, of the Vanceburgs, Sails Into the Sporting Authority on the Blade in Great Shape.

Originally Published In
The Portsmouth Times, (Portsmouth, OH), Saturday, September, 28, 1895, Page 1.

Sporting Editor Times, Portsmouth, 0.:

DEAR SIR:—An article in Monday's "base ball notes" of the "Blade" was brought to my notice this evening. Upon my arrival here tonight with the Vanceburg, (Ky.) Base Ball club a friend handed me a paper containing an article which read as follows: "Next came Bert Walker, the 'fake’  wrestler, and he hit a hot liner to Brooker who touched third base and doubled Hempleman." Now I wish to say the so-called sporting editor (?) of the Blade dare not face me and call me a "fake wrestler." What's more, he will be compelled to make good his assertion. I have a reputation at stake. I wrote him a note, asking him to contradict the statement. He has not seen fit to make a correction, so I appeal to your valuable columns to set me right before the Portsmouth people.

I play base ball for recreation only, always trying to do my best for my team. I am now on Vanceburg's pay roll This so-called sporting editor has seen fit to belittle me, and I mean to make him correct his statement. By kindly giving this space in your valuable columns you will do me a great favor. I will be in Portsmouth with an athletic combination this winter. Should this man (?) from the Blade think I am a "fake" let him get a man at 145 pounds (no matter who he is) and back him against me. He can take from $100 to $250 if he can get a man to defeat me. Now let him get a man and see if I am a "fakir." I beg leave to remain

Yours Very Truly,


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