Wallace Who "Laid Down" in Wrestling Match Arrested.


A Year Ago To-day the Victim Swore Out a Warrant for the Man Who Did Him-Up — The  Wrestler is the Only One Who Has Come to Town Since.

Originally Published in The Syracuse Herald, Wednesday Evening, April 18, 1906, Page 6.

George Wallace who “lay down” in a fake wrestling match on which Christian W. Tusch, joint proprietor of Waite & Tusch’s café in East Genesee street, lost a bet of $5,000 in Toronto a year ago, had the hardihood to show his face in Syracuse yesterday and enjoyed his liberty until this morning, when he was arrested by Detective James Woods, in a house in East Jefferson street on a non-support warrant sworn out by a woman claiming to be his wife in Rochester. He is also wanted here on a grand larceny warrant, first degree.

Exactly, one year ago to-day, Tusch awaking to the fact the he had been “touched” in a bold game, complained to the police and swore out warrants for the arrest of Wallace and a young man to whom he was introduction two weeks previously as George Wright. Wright talked with the greatest nonchalance of betting thousands on anything that looked good and claimed that he never “got on” wrong. He succeeded in interesting Tusch in a “sure thing” and took him to Toronto, where he said an amateur wrestling match was to be pulled off before a swell club. A man by the name of Edmonds, he said, had issued a challenge to any amateur wrestler of his weight and Wright “tipped” Tusch off to a “dead soft” way of making about $5,000. He said he had signed a “ringer” named George Wallace who could “put it onto” Edmonds and take the winnings handily.

The proposition looked good to Tusch who drew $5,000 from the Onondaga County Savings bank and upon reaching Toronto deposited it with a man named Conoors, the supposed stakeholder of the “club.” But, the “club” had been burned it was explained and the match was pulled off in a barn. Still the Syracusan was not “wise” to the game, but when he saw Wallace deliberately “lay down” to his opponent, he protests against the decision. Wright, who claimed also to be a loser backed him up in his demand for fair play.

Arrangements were made for another match and meanwhile Connors kept the local sport’s $5,000. Wright said he would go back to Syracuse and return the following week, April 18th, with Tusch. When the wrestling promoter failed to appear, Tusch tired of waiting and becoming suspicion that he had really been swindled, reported the matter to the police.

Efforts were made to locate the participants in the fake match, but not until yesterday had any of them been seen in Syracuse.

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