Alleged Fake Wrestler Caught in Western City and Brought to Buffalo on Larceny Charge

Originally Published In The Olean Evening Times, (Olean, NY), Friday, March 8, 1912, Page 1.

Buffalo, March 8.— Eugene E. Comstock, formerly of Franklinville and for a time a resident of Olean, who was wanted by the McKean County authorities on a technical charge o larceny in connection with the “flimflamming” of aged Frank. P. Baum of this city in a “fake” wrestling match which occurred at Bradford on November 13, has been arrested and is now in the custody of the police in this city. It is expected that Comstock will have a hearing in Buffalo today and District-Attorney Wilson of Bradford and County Detective E. W. Jones of Smethport, are expected to be present. The hearing is expected to determine just what took place in Bradford in connection with the “fake” match.

Comstock is alleged to have induced Baum to go to Bradford and back Comstock in the wrestling match … (Editors' Note: Next two sentences are illegible) ... The match took place and Comstock lost. On Nov. 17 the pair left Bradford for Salamanca on the trolley car. En-route to the latter place Baum became ill and died soon afterward. Comstock immediately disappeared, and it was discovered by the relatives of the old man that Baum’s $6,000 had also taken wings. A warrant was issued for Comstock but the wrestler escaped, supposedly to Canada. Comstock, according to advices, was arrested in a western city and brought to Buffalo.

Comstock gets in trouble again ...

FORMER BROCTON MAN INDICTED IN BUFFALO, Carl Johnson, Who Conducted Village Newspaper, Faces Charges in Connection with Alleged Fake Wrestling, The Evening Observer, (Dunkirk, NY), Friday, December 4, 1914, Page 1.

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