Fake Wrestling Match Is One of Features of Evening.

Originally Published in The Decatur Review (Decatur, Illinois), May 23, 1919, Page 3.

The athletic program and stunt night for Y. M. C. A. business men's classes was a complete success Thursday night, about 100 persona being present, including thirty class members and their wives and children. A feature of the evening was a fake wrestling match, a farmer with a suit case labeled "Decatur, Ill." and filled with money, a 'phoney' cop and so on.

The volley ball match went to the 6:15 class which won two straight games from the 5:15 class. In athletic events, Roy Trisch won the 20 yard dash, and Bert Chance won the high Jump. There were numerous other games and contests. Following this program, the athletes and guests gathered on the gymnasium floor for a luncheon.


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