Originally Published in The Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Wednesday, November 26, 1919, Page 11

Kelton E. Mitchell of Dunkirk, told a jury in common pleas court Wednesday how he believed he was "sharped" out of $2,500 in an alleged "fixed" wrestling match in Newark, Nov. 22, 1917.

Paul Bowser, who claims the welter weight championship of the United States; C. A. Trapskey, a Dunkirk wrestler- and veterinarian; Harry -W. Vogelmeier, George Barker and Frank P. Strigel, are defendants in Mitchell's suit to recover the money he bet and $500 exemplary damages.

Mitchell testified he put his money on Trapskey for two falls out of three, after he had entered a conspiracy with the wrestlers and promoters to make his bet a sure thing. Then, he says, when the match came off, Trapskey was defeated and Mitchell found the "fixing" was against him, he alleges.

It was said $7,800 altogether was posted on the match, which was held in Bowser's wrestling room, 11 North Fourth street.

Joseph W. Horner is Mitchell's attorney and L.C. Russell is defending the wrestlers.

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