Tusch Is Unable to Identify Trio as Swindlers in Wrestling "Fake"

Syracuse Man Visits Rochester on Bootless Errand.
Wiley, Parker and Connelly Are Discharged in Police Court in That City.

Originally Published In The Post-Standard, (Syracuse, NY), Wednesday Morning, August 2, 1905, Page 7.

Believing that the three promoters of an alleged "fake" wrestling match which was pulled off in Rochester a week ago were the same persons who “doped” him out of $5,000 in Toronto, Ont., last April, Christian W. Tusch of this city yesterday morning went to Rochester to aid in their prosecution. He was, however, unable to identify the trio as the “sports” who led him a merry chase over the Canadian border and then disappeared with his bank roll.

Tusch returned from Rochester at 7.15 o'clock last evening, and when seen by a Post-Standard reporter he was reluctant to discuss the case. Nevertheless he admitted that he went there for the purpose of identifying the prisoners, if possible, but met with failure. Tusch is still anxious to locate the conspirators who fleeced him.

When the cases of Max Wiley, wrestler; Harvey Parker, manager, and Edward Connelly, match promoter, each on two charges of conspiracy, also attempted grand larceny, were called in Police Court there yesterday morning, Charles B. Bechtold, representative of the district-attorney’s office, moved to dismiss the charges. The trial then came to an abrupt, unexpected end.

It was contended by the prosecution that the complaining witness, James Prokos, a Greek wrestler, had materially changed his story form the one he told police authorities the other day. This Prokos denied, and still maintained that the match was a “fake.”

Despite the fact that the charges against the participants in the recent match were dismissed, Chief of Police Hayden maintains that he will never permit Wiley and Parker to wrestle in Rochester again. He also proposes presenting charges against them to the Grand Jury. It is said several politicians and members of the Police Department lost money on the Rochester match.

Woof of the Winchester Hotel went to Rochester under subpoena to appear as witness for the people. It was the desire to show by him that the match was "framed up" in Syracuse.

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