Wrestling Bunko Case Is to Be Called Monday.

Originally Published In The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Thursday, December 24, 1908, Page 5.

South Bend, Ind., Dec. 23.—In accordance with an agreement, when the Fleming bunko case was postponed at the last term of the superior court, the case will be called for trial next Monday. Everything is ready for the famous hearing, in which W. J. Springborn will endeavor to show that he was swindled out of $10,000 in a fake wrestling match.

Prosecutor Talbot this morning received a telegram from Springborn, saying he, with his attorney and witnesses, would be on hand and ready for the trial. If Fleming is not forthcoming the prosecutor said he would ask that the $5,000 bond be forfeited. Samuel Parker, attorney for Fleming, said today he had every reason to believe the man would be here for trial. W. A. Mclnery, the other attorney who has been in communication with Fleming, was out of the city today, and the fact of Fleming's appearance could not be vouched for from that source.

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