Prison Doors Swing for Wm. Fleming, Bunko Man.

Originally Published In The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Thursday, June 17, 1909, Page 5.

South Bend, Ind., June 17. – William Fleming, former saloon keeper and alleged gambler of Cleveland, O., was yesterday afternoon found guilty of grand larceny in that he engineered a bunko steering game in which W. J. Springborn, service director of Cleveland, lost $10,000, the amount being waged in a fake wrestling match.

The jury was out only one hour and as soon as the verdict was announced Fleming was sentenced to Michigan City for from one to fourteen years. He will be taken to prison tomorrow morning by Sheriff Kerr.

The ending of the fight for conviction which has been in progress for sixteen months was sensational. For Fleming’s pals, many of whom are supposed to be in South Bend, would make an attempt to bribe jurymen, Judge Van Fleet refused to allow the jury to separate Tuesday night. Yesterday noon, when Springborn, the complaining witness was leaving the courtroom an unknown man assaulted him and then immediately disappeared.

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